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SOL is committed to maintain confidentiality of client’s data and has established processes for the same.

SOL has three options to enable an organization to share its data for developing Analytical solutions:

  • Enabling access to its entire database:

With most of our clients in the Middle East region, we sign an NDA post which access to relevant sections of the database is provided to our offshore team to build Analytical framework, model etc. Usually the framework and technical architecture of the project does not require any customer sensitive data.

  • Data encryption:

SOL usually proposes that certain data fields be encrypted at the client side. These fields would be all such fields that are deemed to be sensitive for sharing purposes. Data can then be shared with SOL only post encryption.

  • On Site implementation:

In the absence of both of the above data sharing options, SOL can also consider providing analytics services onsite, at the client location.

A simple depiction of SOL’s data security is made in the below picture:

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