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EazyPres is a powerful and comprehensive solution for Clinic Management. It offers set of Clinical as well as Laboratory tools needed to manage the delivery of patient information thus enabling the Doctor’s to effectively diagnose and treat their patients.

This covers a wide range of Doctor's day to day practice that gives the power to retrieve the patient history, critical illness and helps in case study. It gives the full power to health care entities with multiple disciplines to create own queries enabling Doctor’s to extract relevant patient information for diagnostic and treatment purpose

Patient registration, token / appointment for individual Doctor, cash & insurance payment methods and general expenses

Key Functionalities

Patient Registration
  • Patient registration process is made simple with basic required details
  • Store and retrieve the patient profile
  • Record the following details for the patient visit
  • Main presenting problem
  • Past Medical problem
  • HO main presenting problem
  • Family problem
  • Occupational problem
  • Social problem
  • Allergic, precautions and Diagnosis
Token / Appointment
  • Multiple sessions can be configured by the Doctor
  • Issue Token for different session and print pay slip for fees
  • Pre-requisite (Example: Blood Test ,ECG) for the visit will be displayed while issuing new Token
  • Nurse can record patient readings before the diagnosis by Doctor.
  • Vital readings : Height, Weight, BMI
  • Basic Blood test like Urea, Blood Test, Temperature, Height, Weight and BMI
  • Manually capture of test values performed in a different LAB
  • Check the Medical history of the patient and preview the prescription

  • Print patient statement for custom selection period
  • Setting up doctor’s availability which confirms patient appointments.
  • Maintain visit information.
  • Setup custom diagnosis.
  • Maintain a suggestion list of problems from assessments which can be included on every patient.
This covers a wide range of Doctor’s day to day practice that gives the power to retrieve the Patient history, prescriptions details, critical illness and helps for case study.

Key Functionalities
  • Retrieve patient record and update diagnosis
  • View all previous test results from different department and prescriptions
  • Issue a new Lab test that will be accessed for LAB
  • Issue a new prescription
Registration, payment, flexibility to define and add new test cases through configuration, group the individual tests into Doctor defined packages, online retrieval of reports.

Key Functionalities
  • Maintain laboratory test information dynamically.
  • Maintain laboratory test and package details in Master.
  • Depend on laboratory master all test and information work.
  • Maintain laboratory measurements for every patient.
  • Generate laboratory measurements.
General expenses, payroll, insurance & credit card fund management

Key Functionalities
  • Maintain cash and account payment for patients
  • Print patient statement for custom selection period
  • Medical items purchase screen for Hospital use
  • Employee Payroll system
  • Print Ledger details
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