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SOL Analytics Business Intelligence Solutions caters to various Industry verticals. Our solution ranges from solutions that have been built by top Global Organizations, established for years and who have been leaders in their respective fields and to solutions that have been built in-house. We have developed in-house dashboard and reporting solutions that have been deployed across large number of Organization in the region.

Our Business Intelligence solution enables all your data accessible to everyone who needs it-from executives to analysts: both technical and non-technical. We make it incredibly faster and easier for decision-makers to discover the best course of action, using their own data to get to root cause.

Dashboard and Reporting Solution
In order to manage today's dynamic business situations, Organizations, mainly the decision makers and even business users need the ability to analyze their data in a real-time environment. The traditional reporting solutions are static in nature, not interactive; needs dependence on a team to generate reports and it cannot provide real-time business insights as the users need.

SOL’s dashboard solution enables executives and business managers to stay on top of their activities and progress. Our tools provide users an at-a-glance perspective of the business scenario. They are customizable to the business requirements and would help one to review the Key performance indicators and helps monitor the critical issues that need immediate attention.

The visualization of the data is provided in a very user friendly easy to view format so that business users and decision maker can get quick insight into the root cause of business challenge or opportunity.

SOL’s dashboard solutions are user level customizable, helps analyze reports, drill down through slicing and dicing of data in an intuitive manner.

  • Data preparation
  • Data integration
  • ETL
  • Data profiling
  • Data Mart creation
  • Sales Analytics
  • Planning and performance management
  • Campaign management
  • Footfall analyzer for retail industry
  • Hospital/ Clinic intelligence dashboard
  • Banking PPM
  • Financial planning dashboard


  • Comprehensive revenue management solution
  • MRO & Capital asset management
  • Merchandising and category management
  • Supply chain management
  • Financial Management
  • Integrated financial and operatio ns


  • Clinic and hospital management

Public sector/Others

  • Financial management
  • Educational management

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