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Our Inspiration comes from ‘Sun’ the Latin name of which is ‘SOL’

The Sun (or SOL as called in many countries such as Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Brazil, Columbia) is the closest star to earth and has been consistently providing the light source to us. The Sun was formed four and half billion years ago and will continue to shine for at least another five billion years. Without the Sun, Earth could not support life.  The Sun gives off heat and light that the Earth needs to support life (us).  The moon does not give off light of its own.  It is the Sun that gives light to the Moon.  The Moon reflects the Sun’s light. A star is the only body in space that emits its own light; everything else reflects light from the closest star.

The Sun is the giver of our life and with sheer presence in the Universe; the earth has been able to sustain life.

The Sun symbolizes truth, consistency, life giver, the source of removing darkness, enabling us to gain energy and sustain in our pursuits.

Our inspiration of building a world-class organization dedicated to its customers, employees and shareholders is thus fully derived from the ‘living Sun’ and as profoundly called SOL.   

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