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We have created a dedicated Organization fully focused on developing great brand story.

We call it “Bloombox”…..

We propose to own your brands and BE YOUR BRAND CUSTODIANS.

At Bloombox, we are the thought leaders in brand management space who provide your business with strategic brand management expertise TO ENGINEER, NURTURE AND GROW YOUR BRANDS

At Bloombox, Our strategic brand management services for your businesses are focused more on WHY YOU NEED TO OFFER/ WHAT YOU NEED TO and then HOW IT NEEDS TO BE DONE

Brand Growth and Extensions Programs
Brand purpose programs and integrated brand marketing plan
for growing your brand and your business.

Rebranding Programs
Brand repositioning and breakthrough re-launch package.

New Brand Launches - Brand Strategy Development and Positioning
Developing the brand strategy, brand positioning, brand names and
brand identity.

Brand Custodian Program
Devising, monitoring and executing the brand programs.

Designing the total Brand Experience.
Creating the brand aura through retail design and at other ‘points of influence’ design.

A young and vibrant team
For the New Age Branding

Making the consumer the boss
The Power of making emotional connections with the consumer

Infusing creativity to branding
The power of idea based branding

Designed for the new economy
Tools and practices that are beyond frameworks

Approach to branding a strategic tool
Branding beyond advertising

Partnering your business
Being your brand custodians

Learn more about us at www.bloombox.in
   Email : info@solanalytics.com
   Tel      : +971 (4) 3850293